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Optimal Online Visibility

Licensed to Shine

Elevate your marketing with Radyus’ exclusive licenses for Marktplaats AdMarkt (Dutch-speaking markets) and Bing Ads.

Our licences provide direct access to specific target audiences and optimise visibility in search results, leading to better performance and conversion rates. Discover the difference of strategically placed ads and precise targeting that sets your business apart and guarantees success in digital marketing.

Bing Ads

Microsoft’s search engine advertising service: the ideal counterpart to Google Ads
Less competition: Bing offers a great opportunity to reach a wider audience with less competition.
Bing processes around 900 million searches per day, which totals approximately 27 billion searches per month​ (DemandSage)​​ (SignHouse)​. This high volume of searches demonstrates Bing’s significant reach and potential as an advertising platform.

Leveraging Bing Ads can help you tap into this substantial user base. Bing’s audience tends to be older, more educated, and wealthier compared to other search engines, which can be advantageous for targeting high-value demographics who are looking for real estate or property development to invest in.


Simple and targeted advertising: increase brand awareness and drive visitors to your Internetstore
Prominent placement: advertise on the most viewed pages of (Dutch) to reach a large audience in The Netherlands.


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