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We are Radyus

Radyus Marketing Agency

At Radyus AI-Marketing, we partner with businesses to achieve sales success. Specialising in real estate marketing for property developers, realtors, and construction companies, we also deliver in healthcare and other industries. Our advanced AI platforms—Radyus-ads, Radyus-content, and Radyus-data—offer actionable data insights and realistic sales forecasts. Radyus AI-Marketing goes the extra mile by integrating AI in all our services, while making you marketing and sales efforts profitable.


As a team member at Radyus, you earn the honorary title of Radyologist. Radyologists support each other, possess extensive online marketing knowledge, and enjoy a good laugh. We are a close-knit team characterised by open communication, ambition, and professionalism. Freedom, trust, and responsibility are central to our values. Working at Radyus means contributing to our services and playing a key role in achieving our ambitions.


Some prefer to keep control themselves, while others want to be completely relieved of the burden. Naturally, we take that into account: you can come to us for just a bit of help or for complete full-service solutions.

Full service

Here’s what we’re known for: handling everything from initial strategy development to execution and ongoing optimisation, ensuring that every step of the process is taken care of. From start to finish, we collaborate with you. We develop a marketing strategy customized to your objectives, recommend the most relevant channels for your business, and set up campaigns and Google Data Studio. After that, we take action, closely monitor campaign results, and optimise for conversions.

Hands & feet

With our full-service approach, we handle everything for you, taking the entire burden off your shoulders. On the other hand, with our “hands & feet” service, we step back a bit. You know how to achieve your marketing goals, but you may lack the resources to set up and execute the campaigns. That’s where we come in, ensuring the campaigns align with your strategy and objectives. Radyus acts as an extension of your marketing department, seamlessly integrating with your team, just as you would expect from us.


Even though your own marketing team creates successful campaigns, there are times when you might need a consultation or an external expert’s perspective. That’s why we’ve introduced our coaching service. Using a flexible system where you purchase a set number of hours upfront, you can book an hour with one of our marketing experts whenever you need it. We’re always here for you.. After all, every good team benefits from a great coach!

Find YOUR perfect marketing partner

Choosing a marketing agency can be daunting because there are many factors to consider. You need to find an agency with the right experience, a proven track record, and a working style that fits your needs. Let us convince you over a cup of coffee while we clearly explain what we do and why we do it that way.


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